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Re: WOOD: Wind Uplift on Rafters

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Rand Holtham, P.E. wrote:

"So why don't we consider the rafters are seeing the wind load as a distributed load acting "outward" from the building?" We do...You should design loading on wood exactly the same as you do for steel, concrete or masonry. The rafter has several load cases to consider...those acting upward and those acting down. Incidently wind acts in both directions depending on roof pitch and that has to be considered. HTH, Rand

I had noticed in the tables in the 2000 IRC (and Im certain this is the
same as in the earlier SBC, BOCA and UBC as well), the rafter loading
considered is always DL & LL, Wind is never mentioned.

Now Im looking at the newly-purchased WCFM, and the tables therein for
Roof and Wall Sheathing Suction Loads (Table 2.4) states specifically that
its for sheathing and sheathing attachment).

Well, thanks, Rand, for opting for the case that I'm not an idiot.

So, if this is true why is it not mentioned, at least as a "caveat," in the design tables in the publications I cited?

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