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RE: eagle engineer

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Sorry, this is off SE topic...
I haven't got the last couple lists but I looked online and read Bill's response to the "Eagle Engineer" post, and I agree for the most part. I did not mean to start any debate on these programs nor do I doubt they are abused. I am not naive to this fact, I was only addressing the specific comment that was made, without expanding on the issue. I too have seen and heard horror stories from firsthand experiences of contractors and AE firms getting jobs without earning them, sometimes even lending their name to a team without doing a lick of work. That disgusts me and I do not support them.
I also do not support jumping to any conclusions no matter how tempting based on somebody's ethnicity, sex, etc. This is human nature I know, but this is where we get into problems with each other. Any stereotype has some root in truth. This is a problem in our country right now with Muslims and Middle Easterners. It is tempting to lump everyone together because it is easy to understand and we feel in control, but we have to TRY to rise above that temptation.
We do not know anything about the inner workings of his business from that website. I believe my explanation of the gentleman using his popularity and money to be a more reasonable jump to a conclusion. Many pro athletes and celebrities invest in businesses on the offseason and in retirement because it is just plain smart. Magic Johnson owns tons of movie theaters and I don't know what gov't handout got him there, but something tells me it is his checkbook and his fame.
I respect anyone's opinion on this list if it is explained (even if I don't agree)......
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL