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Re: Off Topic - Missing messages

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First, I will note that usually there is little to no traffic on weekends
as most people on the list likely use a work email address.  But, I doubt
that is the problem that you are referring to.

Having said that, I too have notice in the last month or so that the
server has been a little odd.  There seems to be occasional "black out"
periods.  If memory servers me, this kind of happened end of last week.
As an example, I know that I sent a reponse to Joe Grill's question on the
concrete slender wall question, but don't know if it made it through
(never got the confirmation email or saw any other responses).  Don't know
what causes this.

The only way to get a "copy" of messages that you may have missed (that
I am aware of) is to check the archives or ask the list as you did.  I
will note that SEAINT list of archive dates on the SEAINT website has not
been updated since Oct-Dec 2002.  I usually can still get to the current
archives by clicking on of the "old" archives and then clicking on "About
this archive/Index" at the top of the resulting page.  This usually takes
me to the actual archive site (the archive is actually "hosted"/"run" off
of, which has the current archive date list to select from.
Today when I did it, however, I got a HTML "No Found" error, so there may
be a problem with the archive as well.


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Jim Wilson wrote:

> About once every other week, I go for a day or two straight without receiving any messages through Seaint.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I get other messages through my Yahoo account, so I don't see how that would be the problem.  And when Seaint messages do start showing up again, they include responses to messages sent during my black-out period.
> Am I alone on this problem?  Is there a quirk with the server that shuts out certain people on certain days?
> Is there a way to get a copy of a day's emails if I don't subscribe to digest mode?
> Jim Wilson
> Wilsonengineers(--nospam--at)
> Stroudsburg, PA
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