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Re: pedestrian suspension footbridge

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Watch for the lateral deflections - 36" wide seems too narrow for 100 ft long...
You may have to stiffen it quite a bit. 
Look at the Continental Bridge website or call them.
Steve Gordin   
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From: Joe Grill
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 9:46 AM
Subject: pedestrian suspension footbridge

I have been ask to look into the possibility of using a suspension bridge for foot traffic across a creek.  It will be a private bridge.  The owner is interested in a suspended system.


I told him it was probably feasible, but I had to look into the design before I decided if I should be doing it.  I doesn?t seem like it should be a problem though.


Are there any design references out there for this sort of thing?  It would be something you might see as a trail crossing in a forest and will have a span of about 110? and a 3? wide deck.



Joe Grill