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Re: Service Packs SP#

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Yes, and thankfully Microsoft gives you no easy way to determine which programs are actually running without knowing what the executable or service name is.  Even when no applications are running, there are usually 20-50 executables running as background processes or services, only a handful of which are OS related.  I can't afford to lose several hours to an upgrade, with a reasonable chance of it breaking something right now.  I'll just have to lay my faith in my hardware firewall, NAV, Opera, and Eudora to keep things  from crashing down around my ankles. That, and I make a mirror image of my main drive (OS & programs) about once a month, and backup my working files to DVD each week.

(It does help immensely to have email and browsers which aren't Microsoft written, if for no other reason than they're smaller targets for mischief)

At 11:52 PM 9/14/2004 -0700, you wrote:
All service packs suggest stopping (closing) currently running programs before installing updates. This would include NAV (Norton Anti-Virus). Although Nortons software is at the top end of software musts; it does not recognize the installation of new operating system overwrites during an upgrade. Those experienceing problems undoubtedly installed without disabling the NAV during installation. Those future persons installing an XP upgrade service pack should pay due-dilgence to the message "Halt-All-Currently-Runing-Programs" before their install. Applying the recommended install procedure should eliminate all error/warning messages.

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