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IBC Allowable Service Loads on Embedded Bolts??

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How is table 1912.2 of IBC 2000 used for anchor bolt design?  

I have a sign project that will have large base shear and tensile forces induced into the anchor bolts.  I'm finding that a simple scoreboard will require an outrageously high number of anchor bolts if I'm only allowed a maximum tension force of 3650 lbs and shear force of 5300 lbs for a 1" diameter anchor bolt.  How is this possible?

The same question could be applied to anchor bolts in masonry.  For an in-plane load into a shear wall (based on NCMA TEK 12-3, ACI 530 Formulas 2-5 & 2-6), if the allowable shear load of 1900 lbs for a 3/4" diameter anchor bolt is used, most precast slab / masonry wall systems would require a large number of anchor bolts per shearwall.  There is a discrepency, though.  In the masonry designers guide, example RCJ-03, pg. 17-251 shows that the allowable shear in the bent bar is calculated according to ACI 318 for shear friction and the masonry shear strength is checked.  Why wouldn't a bent bar connecting a hollow-core slab to a masonry shearwall need to comply with the ACI formulas listed above?

A similar connection is shown in the Masonry Designer's Guide on Example RCJ-11, pg. 17-318.  The strap shear of the steel is checked along with the masonry bearing stress.  

I realize an anchor bolt and a bent piece of rebar are not the same, but the force-transfer and connection requirement is the exact same.


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