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RE: Weight of Glass Block

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Roger and Jen,

Thanks for the information.  I didn’t even know where to look, but then again I didn’t look very hard.  I’ve only got a proposal out at the moment for this project, but parts are in the back of my mind.  The info. I had told me 18psf for 4” thick but that was all.


Thanks again,

Joe Grill


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Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 11:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Weight of Glass Block


Regular 4” glass block weighs 20 psf, 3” thick block weighs 16 psf, 4” thick faced glass block weighs 30 psf and solid glass block weighs 40 psf according Pittsburgh Corning.


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From: Joe Grill [mailto:jgrill(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Weight of Glass Block


Does anybody have information on the weight of glass block for use in walls?  In particular 4” thick and 6” thick.



Joe Grill