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Re: Service Packs SP#

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FWIW, this will likely not solve the "error messages" that some are
refering to.  SP2's security center now "checks" that your antivirus
program is running and that its virus definitions are up-to-date.  If your
antivirus program, however, has not be updated to properly "communicate"
with SP2's security center, then you will get the error messages as
Windoze XP SP 2 will not be able to retrieve the information that it
needs.  This is a known issue that has been broadly covered in XP SP 2
reviews.  And you will continue to get "error messages" (which is just SP
2 telling you that it cannot determine if your virus definitions are
up-to-date or not) until the maker of your antivirus software updates
their software to be fully "compatible" with SP2.

This is also true for "third party" software firewalls is I remember
correctly.  So, for example if you are like me and use a software firewall
such as ZoneAlarm (in addition to a broadband router with NAT addressing),
then when you install SP2 and turn off the built-in Windoze (crappy)
firewall, SP2 security center will "nag" you about turning off the Windoze
firewall, even though you have a perfectly good software firewall running.
And that will continue to happen until "third party" software firewalls
are updated to properly communicate with XP SP2's security center.


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, sea wrote:

> All service packs suggest stopping (closing) currently running programs before installing updates. This would include NAV (Norton Anti-Virus). Although Nortons software is at the top end of software musts; it does not recognize the installation of new operating system overwrites during an upgrade. Those experienceing problems undoubtedly installed without disabling the NAV during installation. Those future persons installing an XP upgrade service pack should pay due-dilgence to the message "Halt-All-Currently-Runing-Programs" before their install. Applying the recommended install procedure should eliminate all error/warning messages.

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