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RE: Special Inspection Seminars?

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I don't have much information to help you. In every Georgia county we have contacted, the building official has never heard of special inspections and in most cases does not want to hear about them. We have not had to submit anything to any building official. We are listing the special inspection requirements on the plans. When the owner is willing to pay for the special inspections we are getting them. Unfortunately, since the building officials are unwilling to enforce the requirements, most owners are electing to forgo the special inspections in order to save money. In addition, it seems that many of the testing labs are not sure of how to implement the special inspection requirements even if the owner will pay for them. There is a definite need of some sort of educational campaign for building officials in Georgia or else the State may as well exclude the special inspection requirements from the IBC.

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Subject: RE: Special Inspection Seminars?
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I guess your talking about the special inspection forms available on the SEAOG website ( I've printed those out myself, but I wasn't quite sure how to use them. Do I just fill out the forms and submit them with the plans to the BO? Do I need to include a special section in the specifications or general notes? Do I have to indicate on the drawings which items require special inspection?
I know I have to fill out and submit these forms.  I'm sure there's more to it than just that, I'm just not clear on how much more.  Anybody got some examples of how they've done it that would like to share it with the rest of us?


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The SEA of Alabama is trying to do that for our Dec meeting.  We're borrowing documents from Georgia, and a few other places and trying to come up with how we'll do it with Alabama so that the State Building Commission and all of the towns will get used to a single set of forms and method of doing things.

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Subject: Special Inspection Seminars?

Does anyone know of any organizations that are putting on seminars that explain the IBC Chpt. 17 special inspection and structural oberservation requirements?  We're having a bit of a hard time here trying to figure out just how all the requirements of chpt. 17 get incorporated into the construction documents and would love to sit down at a seminar and where somebody could explain it all to us.

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Tripp Howard

Tripp Howard

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