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RE: "Apparent Rigidity"

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Well, I did get MYSELF "straightened out." I was wrong; "apparent rigidity"
units are inches-squared-times-pounds, so it IS "EI" right enough!

I just KNEW I was missing something!!!

I want to master the WFCM. I'm convinced it is the "holy grail" to allow me
to do custom residential in a timely manner. The two homes I have on the
board right now have just simply eaten my lunch, and I can't possibly make a
profit taking three weeks to do one house!!!! Not at these prices!

FWIW, you may have already seen this, but there is a PDF document called the
"WCFM Workbook & Appendix" that goes through a typical design. It'd be nice
to work up an Excel or Mathcad Template to match this so formal calcs can go
in the book. Since most of the homes I'm designing don't even have code
enforcement, I usually just do computer runs (WoodWorks or TJ-Beam) and
stick 'em in my project folder for my own reference. But formal calcs ought
to be the goal in this litigious climate.

Oh, the link to the WFCM Workbook is:

Very nicely done.

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> Bill,
> I hope you get this straightened out.

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