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RE: Special Inspection Seminars?

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Minnesota has been enforcing the Special Inspection Requirements for a number of years now, and CASE/Mn (Council of American Structural Engineers) has published a Guideline for Special Inspections that is available from the ACEC/Mn website at .  The document explains how to incorporate special inspections into the project specifications and provides the specification language and commentary for the IBC 2000 and Minnesota State Building Code.  Most of the Minnesota changes are noted in the commentary.  There is also a Word document on the site ( that contains just the specification language to make it easier to incorporate into the specs. 
You can also get to these by way of the ACEC/Mn website, selecting Committees on the left bar, and selecting CASE on the frame that opens up.  There you will also find a powerpoint presentation "selling" special inspections to your clients, architects and building officials.  CASE/Mn found that the Building Officials had to be educated to the benefits of special inspection prior to getting a somewhat uniform enforcement of it here. 
Kenneth Green, P.E.
MBJ Consulting Structural Engineers
Minneapolis, MN
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Subject: RE: Special Inspection Seminars?
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It must've fallen in the black hole that was discussed a day or two ago. =
I got it the 2nd go around.
In Florida they've used a threshold inspection program that seems to be =
similar to the IBC system. Basically, you fill out the forms and those =
go in with the specs. We're trying to figure out a bit more in prep for ="">
the seminar I mentioned. The whole thing is pretty grey.
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