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Re: Lateral Load--Is it THE Design?

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My estimate is that analysis and design of a building
structure to resist lateral loads could take about 10%
to 30% of the design effort depending on the size and
location of the building, and depending on the
complexity of the other framing in structure.


--- Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Folks:
> Is it just me, or is everyone here pretty much
> resigned to the fact that
> lateral loads dicate maybe 80% of our efforts?
> Of course I know those of you on the Left Coast who
> do commercial &
> facilities design know this because of seismic, but
> even those doing
> residential there admit that wind loads tend to
> govern their designs, and
> they still spend the greater portion of their
> efforts in this.
> This comes to mind because in talking with typical
> clients, they just don't
> seem to "get it." They say "why are these roof
> purlins so big? There's not
> that much load on them!" and I have to tell them
> about design for wind. They
> say "but it doesn't get that windy here!"
> Now, how silly a comment is that? Ask the folks in
> Gulf Shores, AL, just how
> "windy" it got last night! When I say to them that
> we have to design for
> hurricanes, they act like I'm just being
> outrageously conservative.
> I have begun telling them that lateral loads account
> for the majority of
> building structural failures (I'm flying by the seat
> of my pants here; I
> have no way of knowing if this but every time I see
> photos of devastation
> it's hurricane or earthquake).
> Anyway, just thought I'd solicit some comments on
> this topic.

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