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RE: story of hurricane(s)

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I was pretty shocked too.  They braced the wall from both sides and put in a dang good footing at each brace.  Luckily, it's a dang good GC.  I'll probably go down at the end of next week to see if anything that's up needs to come down.

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Subject: story of hurricane(s)

(That was for you Dylan fans.)
John- I am shocked your CMU walls did so well, they must have been really braced well. We had a gym under construction and we had overturning failures, flexural failures, pieces of block dangling from rebar, tilt panels bowed and cracked. One tilt panel fell on the brace supports which punched right thru. Another tilt panel fell on a piece of rough plumbing sticking 2-3 feet out of the ground and pounded it down like a stake. Usually CMU bearing walls have small footings in relation to overturning...
I agree completely now is the time to jump on these disasters to improve codes, enforcement , and design. I haven't been to the coasts yet where we got hite here in Central FL the hardest, but most of the damage here in Orlando area was tree related. There are piles of trees everywhere still from the Charlie. Free mulch anyone?
Looking at the Gulf shore pics I again go back to my personal philosophy regarding coastal construction- it is just a bad idea. Nature keeps trying to tell us that the coast is a changing, dynamic thing, but we try to control it unsuccessfully. There is no stopping a furious ocean, a tidal surge, or these micro-bursts of wind. Jetties, sea walls, pumping sand, houses on stilts, etc. just seem futile in the end. Like a band-aid on a monty python flesh wound. But they will just rebuild and eventually get wiped out again. I will admit I am a green thinker, ocean and beach, lover and surfer, so my opinions are biased, but coastal engineers will tell you these erosion structures usually shift the erosion somewhere else and create other problems. I also have a hard time flipping the tax bill for the Army Corps to come in and pump sand on a beach to protect million dollar houses or build these pretty rock walls. Or having my insurance costs go up....
 At least Jeanne looks like it may miss us but bring us some quality waves. I know, I am selfish. But I have been through two canes this year and all I got was a dark, hot , muggy house.....  Off the soap box, everyone have a good weekend and stay dry. So should I take the wood off my windows YET??

Andrew kester, pe

longwood, fl