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CONCRETE: Opinions Wanted - Joint Sealant for New Concrete to Existing

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I have quite a few instances where I am casting a new slab-on-grade foundation alongside an existing. I typically use a detail that allows expansion/contraction but no “shear” movement either vertical or horizontal.


I’m content with that, but I wonder if my SEAL detail is adequate.


I’d like some opinions as to joint sealants you specify in such cases, and a description of the detail. I’m always looking to “upgrade” my thinking on any subject, and realize we tend to do what we’ve been doing for the last twenty years out of laziness (okay, so that describes me at least, what can I say?)


Let me know if you’re partial to any specific product or formulation, and state why. Also, do you have a different approach for a “dried-in” application as opposed to one exposed to the weather?


Looking forward to soliciting your thoughts.