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Anchor Bolt Shear in Round Pier

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There was a little discussion of this last week regarding the IBC tables
in chapter 19, but I don't think it addresses my question so I am sending
a new question for comments.

I am designing an anchorage for a steel column on a round concrete pier. 
The column is a W14X61.  The pier is tentatively set at 24" diameter.  I
located the 4 anchor bolts inside the column flanges, basically on a 8" x
9" rectangle.

I have a factored shear load of 22.4 kips and no uplift.  I was looking
at the PCA anchor bolt method of design, which is the same as the ACI
code and I believe section 1613 of the IBC.  The maximum shear value I
was getting was just under 8 kips for concrete breakout.  I was wondering
if there was a design procedure where I could have closely spaced column
ties to bound the concrete core and prevent the concrete breakout.  Is
there such?  If so. what is it?  The PCA method does allow the PSI7 value
to be slightly increased for having reinforcing between the bolt and the
edge, but it really is not much.  

Thanks for your help.


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