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RE: I crack.

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Thanks for all your responses.
I would definitely like to have your spread sheet for Icr.
You can email it to me to (seaosd(--nospam--at)
I agree.I may not need to iterate at all since its only effect would be on drift.
Let me explain a little more about project.
concrete sections are not rectangular and we have 5 different type of sections we have "L" sections "channel shape" and another one which is more similar to "P"
so calculating the exact Icrack for each wall and each level can be really time consuming.
I think what I will do is to assume Icrack=0.35 Igross and see if my drifts are in the limit.(I can take advantages of section 1630.10.3 of UBC as well)
If not,then I have to start my hard working and make a spread sheet for each wall section to find the real Icrack in each level.
Alex M
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Subject: RE: I crack.

Not sure if this will help, but I recently wrote an Excell spreadsheet to compute Icr.  Of course it requires input of reinforcing steel areas, but being in spreadsheet format, it's easy to compute Icr for various steel areas.  
Can I e-mail this to you at your "From" e-mail address?
Bob G.
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From: Alex [mailto:seaosd(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 12:09 PM
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Subject: I crack.

I am working on a 20 story with concrete shear walls. for calculation of Ieff we use formula (9-8)(318/318/R-103) of ACI. which needs calculation of Icrack.
Icrack is again a function of steel reinforcement in the section (which is not known before analysis) and I think practically it is almost impossible to calculate it for each section at each story with lots of trial and errors. I have been advised to use [ Icrack=(0.35 - 0.5) x Igross ] that I don't feel comfortable with it.
Any experience or advise on that would be really appreciated.
Alex M,PE
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