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RE: Ivan at the Gulf Coast

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Last night a local B'ham TV station was showing some new aerial footage.  They did mention that one island had been cut by the surge, but didn't list the name.
I am driving down to Gulf Shores Friday to look at the building I mentioned last week that was under construction.  The GC said everyone they talk to is amazed the walls are up.
The Good News: The Flora-Bama survived.  This is a bar on the state line.  This is a local dive.  On Thursday this is the place the TV folks used as a reference point when describing the damage.  It's that well known.  On Bama football message board a question was asked about it and one guy answered, "It can't still be there, the only thing holding it together was some visqeen and a few termites holding hands."    The Flora-Bama has been on ESPN a few times for their annual "Mullet toss."  No, this isn't a hairstyle reference.  Mullet is a local fish.  Every year they have a contest where people through the fish across the state line from Bama to Florida.  Who knows what you win, but it's supposed to be a rockin' good time.
I'll write back based on what I see on Friday.

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It’s “Dauphin Island,” and that’s probably just a rumor. Dauphin Island was also “cut in half” back in 1979 by Hurricane Frederic, but was soon “back in business” though never as nice as it had been previously.


I hadn’t heard that about Perdido Key, but it sounds feasible. I know that the beautiful dunes at Gulf Shores were supposedly wiped out by the storm surge.


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I have heard rumors that Perido Key (between Pensacola and Gulf Shores) was cut in half by the storm surge and that Dolphin Island will be uninhabitable for a number of years to come, any truth to the rumors.