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Re: Seismic Retrofit of a Tilt Wall Building in Southern California

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The GSREB is one of the most updated documents dealing with this. You may also want to check out Santa Monica's requirements as follows:

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

>>> T.W.Allen(--nospam--at) 09/21/04 08:23AM >>>
I am going to look at a prospective project, the seismic rehab of a 53,000
SF tilt-wall building. I think the building is about 30 years old. Original
design drawings are available (according to the owner). The building is
located in Pomona, CA.
Some quick questions:

1.	Does the retrofit primarily deal with the attachment of the wall to
the roof diaphragm?
2.	What is the current "preferred" method to attach the wall to the
diaphragm, Zone4 or ?
3.	What about the roof diaphragm itself? Owner says the existing roof
is only about 4-5 years old, but they always tell me that.
4.	Are there any other component(s) to address?
5.	Is the governing document GSREB or ?
6.	I know this varies, but, roughly, what should the owner expect to
pay for engineering fees through plan check approval?
7.	Same as #5 except: What should the owner budget for engineering time
during the construction phase?
8.	Same as #5 except: What is a reasonable estimate of construction
costs for the rehab?
9.	Is there anything else I need to consider?

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)	
Consulting Structural Engineers	
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