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Re: eBay: Uniform Building Code, 1994 Volume 2 (UBC 1994)

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At 09:39 AM 9/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:
Then the taxpayers should be willing to foot the bill to produce/develop
the provisions that make up the code/law.


So, careful what you wish for...  <grin>


Adrian, MI

Luckily, with all the money the government is saving in not having to produce their own code (or paying to have it produced), we can fund things like Flood Insurance for properties which have repeated massive claims (this was just touted as a Great Thing (tm) by the NAHB).

For some of my owner-clients who may do one or two projects in a decade, the fact that codes are only available through a commercial entity is a significant burden. To purchase both the codes and associated references can easily run thousands of dollars - far more than most* local libraries can afford on a three year cycle - and the local building departments (around here, at least) do not have copies for public reference, either.

*By most, I mean geographically, not population based.

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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