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Re: Intermediate Moment Frame - Extended End Plate Connections

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Would the IMF requirements not be the same as the SMF ?The SMF moment requirement is 1.1 RyFyZ plus VuLp, if the IMF requirements were lower then the connection would be more economical.
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Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 1:30 PM
Subject: RE: Intermediate Moment Frame - Extended End Plate Connections

>In designing extended end plate connections for an Intermediate Moment Frame,

>we have been using AISC Design Guide 4 for seismic applications. These connections

>appear to cater for SMRFs. Are there guidelines for IMRFs. As the connections for an

>IMRF are required to experience much lower rotations, the applied moment of

>1.1 RyFyZ plus VuLp may be excessive.


There are no details that are specific to satisfying IMF criteria, but you can use any SMF detail in an IMF. For end plates, there wouldn?t much cost penalty if you did use an SMF connection as an IMF. You would not have to design it for anything more than the IMF requirements if you did.