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Sign Post Design, K-Factor and L/300 Criteria

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I'm designing a column that supports a scoreboard.  My deflection criteria is L/300.  I'm using a K-Factor of 2.10 per AISC Fixed-Free boundary conditions.  I'm a little unsure of how to calculate the deflection criteria for the sign.      

I have a deflection at the top of 1.72".  The bottom of the sign is 10' off the ground and the sign is 12.13' tall.  If I just use the full length of the column (L=265.56"), then I have L/deflection = 265.56/1.72 = 155.  

1.  Should I be using relative deflection to compare to the L/300 criteria?  My relative deflection between the top and bottom of the sign is 1.22".  For the full column length, this would result in L/218 and for the length/height of the sign I would have L/119. 

2.  So do I use the full length of 265.56"/1.22" = 218 or use the length/height of the sign which equals L/119?  The height of the sign is 145.56" and would result in 145.56/1.22 = 119.  Neither is close to the required deflection criteria.


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