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RE: NCSEA Annual Conference

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Perhaps God has realized the scheduling of the conference wasn't kosher, and decided to pull some New Testament action and resurrect Ivan from the dead after 3 days and send him to Sin City of the South to finally put it underwater. That would be some really dirty water though. But all this hurricane action has to make believers out of all these doubting Thomas type builders and legislators. (I've been doing it this way for XX years.) Finally, if Jesus was a carpenter, do you think he saw the need for uplift straps? It gets windy in Jerusalem I believe....
Does anyone else think that FL and perhaps the SE had better start going back to church/ temple/ mosque/comet/space ship, etc. and ask for forgiveness and mercy? Because I don't know what we all did, but the Holy one is not pleased.
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL