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RE: Sign Post Design, K-Factor and L/300 Criteria

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What standard are you using? Does ASCE have a standard for "Scoreboard
Structures"? Would the AASHTO Sign and Luminaire Support design
specification be appropriate? One thing I like about the AASHTO spec is that
it addresses fatigue of cantilever supports, which your scoreboard may be.


I kind of like "neither fish nor fowl" design jobs that let me reason out
which design procedures or standards would be appropriate. I did preliminary
design (left the firm before we went to final) for a taxiway bridge a few
years ago, and it was "fun" to figure out what standards should govern and
how it should be analyzed to support the gargantuan Anton An-124 'Ruslan'
( Cargo aircraft (which actually flies into and out
of Houston's Bush Intercontinential Airport weekly, ferrying equipment back
and forth between Houston and the Siberian oilfields).

I got with some folks at Burns and McDonnell, but they simply used AASHTO,
which I thought was inappropriate since it assumes a wide latitude for live
load configurations, with overload factors to match, and yet we knew
precisely what loads we were facing.

Finally ended up using the ASCE load factors with ACI's "new" resistance


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> Subject: Sign Post Design, K-Factor and L/300 Criteria
> I'm designing a column that supports a scoreboard.  My deflection criteria
> is L/300.  I'm using a K-Factor of 2.10 per AISC Fixed-Free boundary
> conditions.  I'm a little unsure of how to calculate the deflection
> criteria for the sign.

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