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Flat Floor

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I have a client who has asked for an F100 floor for a warehouse I am
designing.  I'm not sure what he is asking for and want to ask some

Now I do know about the flatness number system, the overall values and
the minimum local values for Ff and Fl.  I assume he will want an overall
value of F100.  The question I have is the standard for classifying the
floor.  I have a few articles form magazines I have clipped out over the
years and I see different values for classification.  I have one article
that calls an Superflat floor of F values of 50 and another article that
calls a Superflat floor of F values of 100.  Are there standards defined
in the ASTM E1157 that define Flat, Superflat, etc?

The overall flatness number is typically 50% higher than the local
numbers.  With a F value of 100 for overall system the local numbers
would be 67.  Is this what is typically specified for Superflat floors?

The next question has to do with the practicality of the floor.  It is a
warehouse with pallet racks.  The racks are about 20 feet tall.  Forklift
traffic is the reason for the flatness.  I know the Owner is the one who
needs to determine their personal needs, but would an F50 floor work just
as well for this type of use.  Has anyone else had experience with lower
flatness numbers working well with fork trucks and racks?

Appreciate any insight you may be able to give.


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