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STEEL: Bolted Joist Seat Connection at CFS Wall

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From: "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)>

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Subject: STEEL: Bolted Joist Seat Connection at CFS Wall



I have a K-series joist bearing at the top of a CFS wall. The framing at the wall is suitably stiffened so that the joist reaction is supported adequately.


However, I really don't want to weld the joist connection as you would typically do bearing on steel. I'd rather just bolt.


My research turns up bolted joist connections only as temporary connections (usually on the column line) during erection; they always show a fillet weld added in the end.


Is it okay simply to bolt the joist seat to the top of the wall? Why would that perforce be a "temporary connection only" detail?


Thanks in advance.






My only caution would be that the holes in the joists are typically very long slots (2”) making direct shear transfer from lateral loads unlikely if required in your situation.


Michelle Motchos, PE