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Future Residential Addition -- Which Way CA?

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I'm designing the foundation for a residence that is being raised about
6-ft, so that the present floor, which is about 2 ft above grade will be
about 8 ft above grade, over a new first story with its floor recessed about
3-ft below grade.  At the perimeter, it will be supported on a cripple-stud
wall over a concrete retaining-wall/stem foundation.  The Owner's intent is
to later construct a three-story addition onto and adjacent to the residence
that will approximately quadruple the existing floor area.

The current building code is the 2001 California Building Code, which is
basically the 1997 UBC.  It is likely that the addition will be done under
another Code -- either the IBC, or the NFPA Code.  Who knows what the
Governator's Team will decide?.  I want to get a lateral bracing system
built into this project that will be reasonably ready for the applicable
future Code, which I don't own yet.

If I assume that the future Code is most likely to be much like the current
IBC, what should I buy now?  Should I plan to work with the International
Residential Code?  Or should I plan to work with the IBC?  The project is in
north San Diego County, currently UBC Zone 4 within 10km of a Type B Fault.

I don't have either the IRC or the IBC, and would rather not purchase more
Code than I need.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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