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eBay: 1994 UBC Volume 2 currently 99 cents

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Well, that's more than I could  get for the 4 megs of RAM that I bought for
about the same price as the '94 UBC back then....

I realize that someone has to pay for the development of the codes  (most
engineers know there's no free lunch).  Right now the codes cost us a bunch,
which we pass on to our clients as part of our overhead.  I just don't think
that once something is adopted as law that it's fair to keep it copyrighted.
Recovering the cost of printing hardcopies is one thing, but the text should
be made available "free" online (yes, taxpayers or someone must foot the
bill for a web server somewhere...).

The semi-privatized system of code development is probably more efficient
than turning it over to government(s), but once it's produced then maybe the
jurisdictions that adopt the code should reimburse the developing body.
Perhaps the costs could be recouped as part of building permit fees--this
seems like the most direct  connection to the people (building owners) who
are benefitting from the codes.


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