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RE: EIT - Engineer

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I have seen these types of signatures used in the industry for some time and personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the practice, particularly since the one individual identified himself as an E.I.T. and not just an engineer.


However, being that each State has it own little peculiarities I would check with the Board in the State the project exists and get their opinion if you are really concerned about the practice.


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A letter-report documenting a site visit to observe the existing condition of some buildings and provide some recommendations for repairs was sent out by a structural engineering firm to a Building Management Company that represents a condominium association. The letter was signed by a person that apparently is an EIT and also by the Professional Engineer in charge of the engineering company as:


John Doe, E.I.T., Engineer

Joe Dove, P.E., President


Is there anything wrong with the above ?, Is the EIT person allowed to use the word Engineer ?,

Is the Professional Engineer in some manner responsible for not letting the letter go out with the word Engineer next to the EIT signature ?


Please comment to the above in regard to the regulations the Board of Engineers have with the use of the word "Engineer" for someone that is not yet licensed as a Professional Engineer.


pedro r. muñoz