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RE: EIT - Engineer

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I agree that while Mr. Doe's loose use of the title "Engineer" may
technically violate the laws in SOME states, it is still a generally
accepted practice.  At my original firm in Mississippi, an EI was officially
called a "Civil Engineer I".  After a couple of years you get upgraded to a
"CE II".  No mention of "Intern" or "Training" anywhere.  Ultimately, it
depends entirely on the laws of the state in question and whether or not
you're looking for a reason to report someone.

To get EXTRA picky, here are some additional comments on the title:

1. It?s oxymoronic; the title essentially reads, ?John Doe, Engineer In
Training, Engineer?.  Is he an Engineer, or Engineer-In-Training?  To be one
implies that he is not the other.  

2. Is the title EIT still officially in use?  I believe the official title
is "Engineering Intern", or "EI".  In Mr. Doe's defense, however, I feel
that the term "Intern", while technically accurate, can be seen as degrading
as it's the same title given to part-time summer help.  I know that I was
moderately offended when my new business cards read "Jason W. Kilgore,
Engineering Intern", because this was about the time the Monica Lewinski
circus was really getting big.  I was even more offended because it took WAY
too long to get new cards after passing the PE exam.

Anyway, enough babbling for a Monday.  Get back to work, Jason.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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Subject: EIT - Engineer

A letter-report documenting a site visit to observe the existing condition
of some buildings and provide some recommendations for repairs was sent out
by a structural engineering firm to a Building Management Company that
represents a condominium association. The letter was signed by a person
that apparently is an EIT and also by the Professional Engineer in charge of
the engineering company as:
John Doe, E.I.T., Engineer
Joe Dove, P.E., President
Is there anything wrong with the above ?, Is the EIT person allowed to use
the word Engineer ?,
Is the Professional Engineer in some manner responsible for not letting the
letter go out with the word Engineer next to the EIT signature ?
Please comment to the above in regard to the regulations the Board of
Engineers have with the use of the word "Engineer" for someone that is not
yet licensed as a Professional Engineer.
pedro r. muñoz

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