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RE: CODES: Electronic Version Should Be Provided

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Ah, we agree completely then, and I also really like the way AISC
distributes information.  I can peruse and jot in my bound book; I can
search the PDF; or I can print out a page (or pages), make a few hand notes,
and fax it to an architect or contractor.

FWIW, AASHTO works the same way.  When you pay the astronomical price for
their bridge design manual they mail you a MASSIVE 3-ring binder in addition
to a CD with an electronic version.

BUT, ICC and ASCE see the purchase of a CD-ROM and a book as the purchase of
2 separate copies of the same copyrighted material, so you pay full price
for each.  The only thing you save with the CD-ROM is the cost of printing
and binding.  

ICC 2003 Building Code (Designer Collection, 5 books: Building, Residential,
Fire, Existing Building, and Energy Conservation) costs $247, then you have
to pay an additional $115 for the CD-ROM.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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> Subject: RE: CODES: Electronic Version Should Be Provided
> That's why I said "ought to be provided," meaning "along with the printed
> copy." Personally, I like the way AISC has done it. The electronic version
> is available "for free," but you must purchase a hard-copy.
> If the agency is not willing to provide a free electronic copy, I would
> like
> them to provide a download URL, or a CD-ROM.
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> > Subject: RE: CODES: Electronic Version Should Be Provided
> >
> > Searchable electronic documents are very useful, but nothing will ever
> > replace paper for usability.  You can make notes, draw sketches, make
> > corrections, etc., in the margins.  Yes, I know you can also do that
> with
> > some electronic documents, but it's just not the same.

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