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On Sep 27, 2004, at 2:45 PM, Jordan Truesdell, PE wrote:

The AE world seems carefully self-insulated from the rest of the engineering world (I think Chris will back me up on this).
The A&E materials I've gotten with respect to nuke plant work has usually been stamped, although I've seen some fairly sloppy usage of stamps in other areas. I've also seen some fairly sloppy engineering work.

I've worked in that field and known many non-PE colleagues who routinely had mechanical engineer or structural engineer as descriptors on public documents.
Job titles are totally untrustworthy. Lots of companies invent whizzy titles as a substitute for pay or to impress customers. The only title that matters is the P.E. following an individual name. Trying to 'protect' a word 'engineer' that's been routinely abused is like trying to talk a genie back into the jug. The state boards should be getting their heads out of their kilts and working for more uniform requirements for stamping and individual representation. Instead of concentrating on the quality of professional practice, they seem preoccupied with a lot of turf battles about how many angels are qualified to dance on a the head of a pin.

OTOH, I've noticed that UPS has trademarked the color brown for both cloting and trucks,
Not that it matters, but I suspect their copyright extends only to a particular usage of a particular shade of brown for a particular purpose. Brown has been in universal use too long for a general copyright. I'm sure your pick-up won't be in violation. ;->

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