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Re: CODES: Electronic Version Should Be Provided

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On Sep 28, 2004, at 9:08 AM, Dennis Wish wrote:

Searchable electronic documents are very useful, but nothing will ever
replace paper for usability.  You can make notes, draw sketches, make
corrections, etc., in the margins. Yes, I know you can also do that with
some electronic documents, but it's just not the same.
Electronic documents are also very difficult to read when you're in the can.

If I were to purchase the 2003 IBC on a CD, the first thing I'd do is print
it double-sided on paper and stick it in a 3-ring binder
Societies could really save themselves some serious money by encouraging, with a lower price, the purchase of CD's instead of paper hard copy. There's no question that CD's are cheaper to publish, copy update, mail, store and everything else associated with paper hard copy. The software business has been doing it for years. Some people like hard copy for particular circumstances, but almost no one needs to have all of a design code in hard copy. People who need certain sections can spend their own money printing the pieces. For occasional reference, technical societies ought to have a non-downloadable version on a members-only web site. If technical societies were to follow the ASME's bold initiatives ('Forward to the 50's!') I'd expect web access easily by 2075, provided technical societies exist in 2075.

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