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Re: CODES: Electronic Version Should Be Provided

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If I were to purchase the 2003 IBC on a CD, the first thing I'd do is print
it double-sided on paper and stick it in a 3-ring binder
Societies could really save themselves some serious money by encouraging, with a lower price, the purchase of CD's instead of paper hard copy.

While I'll admit to printing my most used references, I can tell you that the PDF versions are a lot lighter to carry on a plane (or between home and the office) when they're on a hard drive in a laptop, or on a keychain flash drive. I actually had all 11 ICC codes on a flash card in my PDA at one point, but the pdf reader is sooooooo sloooooow that it just wasn't worth it. I'm still contemplating trimming down the AISC steel size excel spreadsheet and carrying it on my pda for field reference.

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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