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RE: HDPE Liners for Concrete Tanks

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Obviously the issue is the hydrogen sulfide that migrates up and forms sulfuric acid above the liquid line. We generally specify T Lock to protect the concrete surfaces. T Lock is what was used for protection at the Hyperion Intermediate Pumping Station. Check out

LA County did some studies a while back on several types of protection. The trials were done on manholes.

If you need further information, contact Ralph Eberts at the LA Black & Veatch office 213-312-3310.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: HDPE Liners for Concrete Tanks
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 08:28:40 -0700

     We have several large concrete tanks, 22'-0" square by 28'-0" high.
These tanks will be used as Biotrickling Filters to remove Sulfur from the
air over our primary sedimentation tanks.  The byproduct of this operation
is Sulfuric Acid which is hard on concrete tanks.  In the past we have used
PVC products as liners.  The supplier of the PVC Liner has changed his
product and we are having difficulty getting it installing on our current
project.  We are looking at using HDPE for a liner because of the ease of
extrusion welding the liner pieces together using profile sections and the
ability to spark test the welds.  We require the embedded lugs on the back
of the liner to be extruded with the sheets when they are manufactured. We
have only been able to find one supplier for this type of material.  While
there product looks good on paper we would like to have all the information
we can.  Has anyone else used a HDPE Liner with extruded lugs to protect

Acie P. Chance  SE
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.

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