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More SECB Info

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I received quite a few questions, so I did some more research:

1. The SECB is not affiliated with any governing body, nor is it a part of
NCSEA.  The only link between the two is the fact that NCSEA was the core
group that originally created SECB, and there is a contractual agreement
between the two for NCSEA to provide administrative staff until SECB is
fully up and running.  I'm pretty sure that SEA membership will not be
required to qualify for "certification", but don't quote me on that.

2. SECB Certification will in no way replace state licensing.  You will
still require a state license to practice in any individual state.

3. Already having an SE license does not means that you are "certified", but
it does mean that you will PROBABLY qualify for whatever requirements the
board creates for certification.  You still have to pay the fee to get your
certificate but you won't have to pay the extra "grandfather" fee (the one
that escalates every year).

4. As it is currently set up, certification will probably never be legally
required, but it may ultimately be financially beneficial.  Some government
jurisdictions may require a certified SE to work on certain types of
projects, like schools or hospitals.  Some DOT's may require a certified SE
to work on certain bridge projects.  Some owners or architects may require a
certified SE for all their work.  It all depends on how successful SECB's
marketing campaign is, as well as how much backing the movement gets from
the rank-and-file structural engineer.

As a similar example, steel fabricators are not required to attain AISC
Certification.  However, the City of Kansas City exempts AISC certified
fabricators from the "shop" special inspection requirements of the IBC,
which is a pretty big financial incentive for the local guys.

Again, I'm not voting yay or nay, I'm just passing along information
(hopefully accurate) for you to chew on.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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