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Structural certification is necessary to serve the users, and protect the public health and welfare. The SECB was created to fill that need in an organized and uniform manner across state lines. Structural engineers may never benefit monetarily from certification but, again, that's not the point. Presently only 8 states have structural licensing acts and of those 8 only 3 are a true practice act. The other 42 states are bare. In those 42 states, the possibility for structural licensing looks bleak. Certification is the answer and SECB is the vehicle.

In the other 8 states, certification still serves a purpose. Certification can supplement a licensing act. In some states, structural licensing acts are periodically under attack and certification existence and use will reinforce the need. It is likely that many users and employers would hire based on certification. Certification may actually have higher or additional standards than a state's minimum requirement.

As SECB matures and goes "live" in a few months, I'll keep you posted. In the mean time keep those comments coming.

Craig A. Cartwright, SE
Marketing Chair, SECB
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