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Re: 'Spring' supported mat

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I have a handheld calculations of mat foundation design examples
(simple and complex prblems) with significant number of supporting

You may deside to use STAAD or PCA Mat or any other computor programs,
but if you wants to do hand calculations these informatin would be
extremely helpful.

If you let me know your mailing address I will copy and mail to you
(because too many tables fax would not be appropriate to me. 


Himat Solanki

>>> Ravi.Vasu(--nospam--at) 10/1/2004 2:14:08 PM >>>
I need help on the 'spring' supports used in Fdn mat design.  I tried
& PCAMats in a mat design, (with 1ft x 1ft elements).  Both are
treating the
supports differently.  

Staad takes the Static principle & it satisfies the applied forces =
Moreover Staad 'dumps all horizontal reactions at the base node of the
This I think 
might change the distribution pattern.  All other nodes' horizontal
= 0. I think
Staad gives conservative results.(sometimes the fdn fails due to
in size)

But PCAMats takes into account the spring's potential & kinetic energy,
the result,
the spring reactions are somewhat less than the applied forces.  
The weaker the spring, less the reactions.  Both  approaches are
different &
takes care of the 'Flexible' mat.
This you can see in the soil bearing pressure around the pier is more &
it is less.

I need to know which approach is more 'correct'?  Is there any
cals/text book to find 
spring reactions(say, for a simple spread footing)?  Has anybody tried
the approaches?


Ravi Vasu, P.E.,

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