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RE: SOFTWARE: (was Woodworks)

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The Woodworks Sizer module is handy and intuitive for straightforward

Shearwalls is a different story.  I find it most curious that AF&PA
endorsed a product that has so many bugs in it.  I use it in a limited
fashion but wouldn't recommend it unless they get their next release
straightened out and crash-free.  The bottom line is that it doesn't
save time for most buildings I encounter...yet.

Does anybody know of a software program that can:
- quickly and intuitively build a 3-D model of a shearwall building?
(have some reasonable degree of CAD ability - I used to use a program
called Space Gass that wasn't too bad.  I found Risa to be a bit slow
with modeling)
- accurately generate wind loads based on the shell of the model (not
manually input)?
- accurately generate seismic loads based on building component seismic
weights? (like ETABS, but stripped down - no need for dynamic analysis)
- distribute the forces to shearwalls with either rigid or flexible

RAM's website seemed to imply that Advanse could do that - I emailed the
question to their sales rep and got no reply(!)  - anybody have any
comments on their program?

Ed Tornberg
Tornberg Consulting, LLC

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