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Re: Annoying Floor Vibrations

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All of the responses so far have been good.  One
thought that just occured to me was to "check" the
comfort index, if you will, for the composite floor
assembly by using the TJ-Beam software by Trus Joist. 

If you could approximate the equiv stifness of the S4S
lumber with I-joist (or beam) prop's, I remember there
being a tab for checking if you have blocking, gyp.
bd. ceiling, glue-nailed shtg., etc. which then
calculates a number which basically translates to
human response to floor vibrations.  I believe the
lower the index, the sturdier the floor assembly is.  

I don't have the software here at work, so I don't
know all the particulars.  However, it can give you a
layman's approximation of floor bounciness.  

Bottom line:  If the owner doesn't like the perception
of the bouncy floor, he'll have to deal with a post
added at the beam mid-span (as suggested by others),
or replacing the C10x25's with deeper, heavier
sections.  With enough time and money, anything is
possible, especially with such a nuisance like this...

Hope that helps,
David Topete, PE

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