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RE: Maximum Number of Wood-Framed Stories?

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I don't have the 2003 IBC yet (it's on order), but the Table 503 in the 2000
version has a height limit in addition to a stories limit.  Specifically,
Group R-2, Type VA, modified for automatic sprinkler system, allows a
maximum of 4 stories and a maximum height of 60 ft.

If you meet these limits, then I see no fire or seismic related code
provisions preventing you from adding the mezzanine.

Structurally, however, can you get a wood wall or columns to hold up the
weight?  Specifically, is the architect and owner allowing you to use enough
wood in the walls (2x8? double 2x6?) to support 4 stories plus a roof?

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri
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Subject: RE: Maximum Number of Wood-Framed Stories?

Is the answer you?re looking for in IBC section 505.1?  
       ?Such mezzanines shall not contribute to either the building area or
number of stories as regulated by Section 503.1.?  
I didn?t read all of section 505, so you may want to check a little more
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Subject: Maximum Number of Wood-Framed Stories?
I have a 4 story wood framed housing project under IBC 2003. We are in
Seismic Design Category C and it is Group R-2, Type 5A construction and
fully sprinklered. Table 503 allows us 4 stories and Table 1617.6.2 says we
have no height limit.
Anyway, we have a portion of the building that has a tall first story and
the architect has added a small mezzanine that does not constitute an
additional story as far as his part of the code is concerned.
Is there anything in the IBC or NDS that prevents us from having 5
(structural) stories of construction in wood?
I?m on the digest and need to find the answer to this question quickly so
please respond to me directly.
Thank you.
Chuck Hanson PE                         
architecture, interiors, planning, engineering
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