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RE: forces at shear wall openings

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Joe -
The SEAOC eismic Design Manual, Volume II has an example with one opening. Once you are comfortable with distributing the forces around one opening, I'm sure you can do multiple openings. Example starts on page 40.
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Subject: RE: forces at shear wall openings

Thanks,….but, without going into a long explanation as to why, I need to do one longhand.  It is, by the way, a plywood sheathed shear wall.  Yea, I could do it as a finite element model, but again, this time by long hand.



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Some of the best examples of hand calculations use to be in the Chelapati (Long Beach) P.E. Review Notes.  There are also examples in Amrhein's Masonry Handbook.

However, I find it a lot easier just to do a simple 2D fine mesh finite element model and delete the elements where the doors and windows occur, put the seismic load at the roof/story level and let the computer distribute the forces.  It also makes for some neat color stress plots.

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10/06/2004 01:35 PM

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forces at shear wall openings




Some time ago I saw an example (in a text or elsewhere) showing calculations to determine the forces at the edges of multiple openings in a shear wall.  I have examples for a single opening, but for some reason (age, lack of enthusiasm, two martini lunch) I can’t close the forces with multiple openings.  The source may have been Breyers latest text, I don’t remember and I don’t have a copy of it myself.  I anyone has an example I would appreciate getting a copy, or if you know of the source that I may have seen the example I would like to know that.  Fax number is 928-282-2058.
Joe Grill

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