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designating masonry shear walls on construction drawings

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With respect to single story masonry construction where wind load governs
lateral design...

Does anyone know of specific guidelines/requirements in ACI 530 or the MDG
that would require the location of masonry shear walls to be explicitly
designated on the plans?

I am becoming increasingly hesitant to show this theoretical information
on the construction drawings as it typically does not change the way the
walls are built and the information is not used by any other party in the
design/construction process. I suspect that this information could be used
as a club against the design professional.

In a single structure I might have elements of prescriptive and engineered
design, reinforced and unreinforced members, rigid frames, and inverted
pendulumns in addition to shear walls using rigid and/or flexible
diaphragm theory all working together to resist lateral loads.

The construction drawings specify the location, dimension and detail of
filled cells, reinforcement, walls, lintels, pilasters, columns, etc. and
I believe this meets the plan content requirements in ACI.

I don't propose that my design theory should be shrouded as a proprietary
secret. Submittal of calculations to the building official may be required
as part of Contract Document Phase. However, I am concerned that the plans
may cross the desk of an independent reviewer without the benefit of
complete justification. This could hamper the design professional's
ability to use all tools at his disposal to demonstrate that the design is
structurally adequate.

Please comment if this concerns you and thanks in advance.


Christopher A. Banbury, PE
Ark Engineering, Inc.
PO Box 10129, Brooksville, FL 34603
22 North Broad ST, Brooksville, FL 34601
352.754.2424 (o)
352.754.2412 (f)

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