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IASE Forum

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( Gujarat State Centre )
Web :                  e-mail: secy(--nospam--at)

Dear all,

Sub : Free registration to IASE Forum ( Online Discussion Forum )

This forum is initiated by the Gujarat State Centre of the Indian 
Association of Structural Engineers with headquarters at Delhi,
to provide a forum to all structural engineers to exchange views, share 
information and get a feeling of belonging to a
community of structural engineers instead of feeling a sense of 
isolation. It is YOUR forum and you can make it as useful, instructive 
and entertaining as you would like it. Hence I suggest that you 
participate in the Forum activities from your home, college or office. 
Just a few minutes a day would I assure you would find to be rewarding. 
Some of the issues and topics of interest are suggested below. You can 
initiate discussion on any one of them by simply writing your views and 
ideas. Procedure for the registration is mentioned at the end of the 

1.     Academic:

Ø      Importance of Structures in Undergraduate studies
Ø      Practical aspects of design including field visits, meeting with
Ø      Use of computers
Ø      Knowledge of Codal provisions
Ø      Introduction of Earthquake design
Ø      Need for pursuing postgraduate studies
Ø      Opportunities and career options for one interested in structures
       including teaching and research

2.     Codal Provisons:

3.     Need For Seminars And Continuing Education For
       Improving Competence:

4.     Professional Practice:

Ø      Registration with Local authorities
Ø      Enactment of registration by the State or the Centre
Ø      Working with builders
Ø      Working with clients, architects
Ø      Professional fees
Ø      Proof checking of calculations
Ø      Need for consultation with senior professionals and their advice
       with or without professional fees
Ø      Unethical practice and how to avoid


Ø      Availability of jobs
Ø      Salaries and other benefits
Ø      Opportunities to grow

In addition the forum can start a quiz programme on various structural
aspects which I believe would be immensely popular. Some of the topics 
that can be taken up:

Ø      Tallest structure in the world- past, current and in planning
Ø      Large span bridges of various categories
Ø      Large span buildings of various categories
Ø      Historical aspects such as when was cement discovered
Ø      Salient points of some of the structures of importance structures
Ø      Questions concerning earthquake, wind, etc.

Finally here is a wish to all present and aspiring structural engineers 
that you will enjoy and have a rewarding career in structural 

Procedure for Registration ( Free ) :

Kindly follow the following steps for registration on the website.

1)      Click on the link :

2)      Fill up the required information and click on the Register.
3)      For online help click on FAQ.

Please fill free to contact us for any further information.


Bhavin Shah
Hon. Secretary
Indian association of Structural Engineers, Gujarat Centre

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