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Re: designating masonry shear walls on construction drawings

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		The assumed shear wall locations may well be obvious to an
engineer in the future from the detailing. When asked if a new doorway can
be cut in a wall, I have appreciated being able to just look at the plans
without reference to details or calculations and answer whether there or a
few feet over would make more sense structurally. Somehow, the owners most
involved during design make the most changes in the years after
construction. The last time I was asked for a preliminary design for a new
building for another part of my own company, I was grilled on why I was so
conservative on load criteria. The answer was easy: procedures and uses
change frequently, and it is easier to build strong than retrofit while
continuing to use the facility.
		So knowing where the shear walls are can be helpful.	
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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