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3000 psi for LA DBS Requirements

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The closest I could get to the 3000 psi requirement for grade beams is still written in the City of Los Angeles (which I have always used as a standard) LARUCP R-1 Occupancy Plan Review List:$FILE/R-1RESIDENTIAL0603.pdf


Number 115 on sheet 22 of 23 states:

“Add the following material specifications and/or notes to plans;”………

“Concrete: Standard 2500 psi concrete. 3000 psi minimum for grade beams and caissons.” (1905.1, 91.1921.2.4.1)

“Continuous inspection by a deputy inspector is required for all concrete designed with f’c greater than 2500 psi.”


Gosh, I knew I wasn’t going nuts here. While it is required for R-1 Occupancy, I believe it was the standard of practice for moment frame grade beams during the era of RGA 1-91 but this may have changed between 1993 and the present since I have not done much retrofit of existing buildings during this era. I have, however, designed grade beams for custom homes and have required 3000 psi concrete in my general notes without exception.




Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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