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Re: General Liability insurance

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I am also a sole practitioner, although, I'm trying to change that.  Unless you have impenetrable/unalienable assets (unlikely), or no assets (give all civil assets to your wife, or iron-clad trust), the answer is, "yes!"  Any suit, frivolous or otherwise, can drain even the biggest corporation.  If only to stem the lawyers' fees from your door, it's worth it.  Try to get insurance that pays you while you have to fight any legal action.  Also, shop around.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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Sent: October 11, 2004 7:49 AM
Subject: General Liability insurance

I am a one-man operation in TX.  I was wondering if I should get general
liability insurance.  This is NOT "E & O" insurance, but general business
liability insurance.  What other one man firm has tackled this issue.  Am
I really getting a bang for my buck?  The premium is about $600 per year.
 It doesn't cover me personally, my own health insurance does.  It
doesn't cover my vehicle, my auto insurance does.  It covers me if I hurt
someone else.  I'm not sure how much I am exposed to this since it does
cover E & O.

Any business wisdom would be greatly appreciated.