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RE: Does anyone outsource CAD services

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If Sanjay, Sandip or Lahkwinder (“Lahkwinder?”) are AMERICANS, I don’t give a fig where they came from as long as they played by the rules, got here legally, STAYED here legally, pay their taxes, and obey the laws of the land under which we all live.


So yeah, in my opinion there’s a BIG difference between “giving jobs to an Indian in India,” or giving one to an AMERICAN of whatever descent—even South Asian!


Gail, as I know you are a Democrat, you are probably unaware about this “color blind” thing that we’ve got going on here. Read up.


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While I would respect anyone's right to have an opinion about outsourcing, or anything else,  I guess I would like someone to tell me the difference between giving a job to an Indian in India or an Indian in this country.


Does the fact that someone has bought their way to the US via their master's degree from ______ (fill in the blank:  University of Kansas,  University of Nebraska,  University of New Mexico, University of Missouri)  mean they are more deserving of a job?


Look at the Sanjay or Sandip or Lahkwinder sitting next to you.  What happened to the person whose job they took?