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Re: General Liability insurance

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I recently had the go-around on this issue.  I settled for 500k for an annual premium of somewhere around $300.  From what I was told, it would only cover injury to someone if it was of the type where they tripped on the stairs at your office.  If you hurt someone in the field by dropping a hammer on their head, that would be covered by E&O insurance.  And of course it covers your computers and text books and other physical plant things.
I was able to get my liability policy through my home insurer.  That turned out to be much cheaper than buying it from a business insurance type outfit.
And I only opted for it because a contractor was requiring it for site observations.  I probably could have had them pay for it, but I already got them to pay the equivalent of my E&O for the year.  I wasn't going to push it, and the rate was low enough.
Jim Wilson
Stroudsburg, PA

richard lewis <rlewistx(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am a one-man operation in TX. I was wondering if I should get general
liability insurance. This is NOT "E & O" insurance, but general business
liability insurance. What other one man firm has tackled this issue. Am
I really getting a bang for my buck? The premium is about $600 per year.
It doesn't cover me personally, my own health insurance does. It
doesn't cover my vehicle, my auto insurance does. It covers me if I hurt
someone else. I'm not sure how much I am exposed to this since it does
cover E & O.

Any business wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


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