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Re: Annoying Floor Vibrations

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        Thank you for asking.

        Progress is being made.  It is my intention, as always, to post the basics of the complete solution as a courtesy to those who replied to my request for help.

        My progress to date has included making contact with Dr. David Allen, Ph.D., of Canada's National Research Council.  Dr. Allen is a co-author of both Commentary A of CNBC Structural commentaries, Part 4, and AISC Design Guide 11 on floor vibrations, which would seem to make him one of the most widely recognized if not actually the leading expert in the field.  Although our communication exchange is not yet complete, his present recommendation is to stiffen Beam B (see previous postings for location) and he estimated that an HSS 8x4 would probably be adequate; but there are other alternative ways of reinforcing the beam.

        Since this problem is not particularly common in my experience, and since people on the list were very helpful, I will post a complete description of the solution which is finally adopted and a description of how well it works.

        Again, thank you for asking.


H. Daryl Richardson

Thor Tandy wrote:

Daryl. Did you find a solution? 
Thor A. Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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