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Re: Steel beam in a pretzel oven

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There is a section in the AISC Manual on Elevated-Temperature Service.  In the old AISC ASD book it is in the back under MISC and in the latest LRFD Manual it is up front in Section 2.

For typical A36 and A992 steels the yield and tensile values are pretty much unchanged (a slight decrease in yield and an actual increase in tensile), however, there is a noticeable drop in the Modulus of Elasticity of about 0.8 to 0.9 depending on who's chart you use.  There is also a reference about possible creep effects and further information in Brockenbrough and Merritt 1999; pp. 1.20 - 1.22.

You would also have to be careful of anything on or near the beam such as paint, drywall, mastics, etc.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Jeffrey Fertich" <civilben1968(--nospam--at)>

10/12/2004 10:02 AM

Please respond to

Steel beam in a pretzel oven

What are the thoughts on steel beams spanning over a pretzel oven, holding
fire brick, the operating temperature will be a constant 500 degrees F, Do
you think this temperature will have an ill effect on the beam or is this
tolerable for the beams?

Jeff Fertich PE
Structural Engineering Resources, LLC
Gettysburg, PA

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